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ForUS it's more than a job,
we have lives to change



We are driven by high quality standards in all we do

We support the “Why” people want to live well and it’s a powerful force for wellbeing improvement. "Why" pushes beyond normal limits. Says “try one more time” and “go the extra mile.”  We are wellness experts, forward lookers and mission accomplishers doing whatever it takes to be well ourselves, and to make other people’s lives better, too.



We want YOU to achieve your personal goals

At ForFIT we work on purpose. We strongly believe that achieving health is a unique lifelong personal journey that is best achieved with the support from OUR professionals. Our main asset are our coaches. They are always ready to strive for the highest quality, this to achieve your personal goals. The ForFIT tailored services will take you on your personal joy ride.


ForYOU Personally

We are inspired by innovation, with the aim to respect the individual as a whole.

Our program Body & Mind will be customized to your personal needs. Our various solutions meet you where you need us most, be it at home, with or without your own home fitness studio, or at a park nearby. Your personal trainer on-hand with ForFIT allows for dedicated and personalized fitness sessions.


On top our own streaming channel allows for online and recorded video sessions and includes a dedicated chatroom. The service includes as well live interaction with you. This goes from individual to group sessions.

ForYOU Personally

ForYOUR Own Home Fitness Studio

ForFIT stands by your side from A-Z or whenever YOU need us

Do you feel you want to workout but away from the gym with fewer distractions and great comfort? With YOUR own home fitness studio YOU do not have to worry about coming home late or leaving home during the weekends or after returning from work just to head out for the gym. Simply do it in the comfort of your home. OUR professionals evaluate the space you will need to set up the studio.

Privileged with a big house or a small apartment, you create some space within one of the rooms i.e. your bedroom and set up your small fitness studio in one corner. In case you have a cellar or a backyard, you can also set up your fitness studio there.

ForFIT takes care of it ALL. Together with YOU we will plan and chose the essential workout equipment adapted to your budget and needs.

And it does not stop here. Our personal coachs will accompany YOU with YOUR tailored training plan to achieve YOUR goals.

ForYOUR Own Home Fitness Studio


Main reasons for a personal trainer

One of the best ways to avoid fitness injuries is to know your body's limitations.


With a personal trainer on-hand, you will have all the tools to reduce the risk of severe injuries. ForFIT takes care of it ALL. Together with YOU, we will elaborate your personalized training plan in accordance with the workout equipment we may commonly select.



We want to be close to you, no matter the distance

With or without a personal gym, your ForFIT personal coach is ready to come to your home or park nearby. He/she will show you that with your own bodyweight or with the provided material and our know-how, you can achieve your goals. Don’t hesitate to get in touch to book your first appointment.

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For your fitness evaluation

(physical condition)

ForFIT Stands For



Contact us or request a call back

You have questions? That's totally normal. Our devoted team would be delighted to answer all your questions and help you identify what your needs are. Do not hesitate to contact us on the phone at (+352) 621 293 261, by e-mail at or request a call back and we will call you (don't forget your contact details). You can also use the form below.



Get your hands on our products

ForFIT has launched its online shop in partnership with A selection of high quality, soft and pleasant touch products get you ready to exercise with us! Our product line includes t-shirts, jackets, bags, facemasks, water bottle and towels. Stay tuned, there is more to come!

Visit the website now and become a true #ForFITER!


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ForFIT is based in Luxembourg.

Our address is:

9, rue Edouard Garnich

L-5833 Alzingen / Alzeng



Tel: (+352) 621 293 261

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